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25 Years of Service

Grime and grit and dirt can collect on your high-voltage electrical equipment, increasing the potential for equipment failure or even life-threatening fires.

But cleaning means turning off the power and losing productivity
and income...

Or does it?

Highvec's innovative system cleans your systems online, with no powering down and no downtime. We can clean all types of high-voltage equipment, including:

  • Substations for underground mining
  • Outdoor insulators (up to 230kv)
  • Switch rooms in plants and mills
  • Electric motors

Our unique process cleans your equipment while it is online, saving you time and money.

Using only environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials, our process will help you:

  • Eliminate tracking and flashovers
  • Remove corrosion and oxidization
  • Remove moisture

Contact Info

  • Address:999 Dalton Rd    Timmins, ON P4N 7C2
  • Phone:705 268 6011
  • Email:info@highvec.com